Best Distortion Pedal

Being a musician especially a guitarist, you might be well aware that you require distortion for creating the accurate sound effects. Distortion is a type of audio signal processing device that is utilized to alter the sound of the electric instruments that has been amplified. It mostly works by increasing the gain. So might be looking for the perfect distortion pedal in order to play clean with the right gain. There are different types of pedals that you will find in the market. But before selecting the right one it is important to check several things like is the device easy to use and will it be perfect for the type of sound you are about to create. Therefore, to get you out of this misery here are the top distortion pedals that you will find in the market. Make sure to select the right one for yourself.

BOSS Audio DS1 Distortion Guitar Pedal

BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal
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BOSS DS-1 Distortion Pedal

None of the distortion pedal lists is complete without including Boss in it. It might be old but this device has been creating some of the best sounds in the history of the music. It is filled with many great yet straightforward tones that make it incredible.

The best part is that you can also have is customer mode that makes it a lot easier and effective. It will be a reliable choice because despite often changing the modes it will not destroy easily. It is also equipped with the special tone controls that will allow you to darken or brighten the sounds according to your requirements.
Product features

BOSS Audio DS1 Distortion Guitar Pedal is manufactured with the following amazing features:

  • The leveland and tone distortion knobs are on the face
  • The manufacturing material and construction of the pedal is high-quality
  • It will let the original guitar tone shine
  • It can produce dynamics from the soft to hard sound
  • The device is enclosed in a rugged metal box
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years


The price of this device is not very high which means that you can have it without disturbing your budget. The overall structure of the product is well built and it is reliable.


The amount of tone controls that you will get with Boss DS1 is limited. It might happen that you will have to buy another distortion pedal to make your performance shine.

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal

Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal
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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal

Every guitarist knows that the perfect tone will affect the overall sound. This latest distortion pedal will provide the users with the precision control over the tones. It has the special dual gain circuits that will sustain for a long time and thus will provide the users with a high quality of sound. It can be a good choice for the rock hard or the metal guitarist. It will provide you with the perfect aggressive sound that you desire. It will provide you with the right amount of edge that you require on the signals. Thus, it will never disappoint you in any condition.

Product features:

  • The manufacturers have made the Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion Guitar Pedal with the following qualities:
  • It is developed with the special dual gain circuitry technology
  • The distortion pedal will create incredible sounds
  • It has a super-long substance with the heavy mids and lows. It will sound like the stack of the overdriven amps
  • There is a parametric mid control that is equipped with the three band EQ that offers a wide range of the extreme distortion textures
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years


It is an affordable product with easy and simple to use features. Long lasting and provide perfect tones.


It will take the time to find the perfect spot for the tones and it sometimes creates problems when cutting through the live settings. There are a few issues in the mids department as well.


Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Instrument Effect Pedal,Pink
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Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 Heavy Metal Distortion Instrument Effect Pedal,Pink

It’s the middle frequencies that have all the effect amongst mush and muscle. With the Behringer Ultra Metal UM300 you not just oversee the Mids you can micromanage them as well. The UM300 pedal gives you the most outrageous, managed and overwhelming metal sounds with super-thick, tube-like bending in addition to essentially unending support.

Like most distortion pedals, the UM300 accompanies Distortion and controls. The High and Low controls let you dial in the measure of top-end and base you seek. The UM300 a Mid Freq control, permitting you to choose a midrange recurrence from 200 Hz – 5 kHz and help it by up to 15 dB. What this implies as far as tone is thick, tube-like bending with interminable maintain, for everything from forceful, customary metal sounds to bone-crunching anarchy. A brilliant blue LED lets you know when the UM300 is dynamic, while a top-quality on/off switch keeps up most astounding sign respectability in sidestep mode.

Product features – You will come across the following amazing features:

  • It is manufactured with the multi-gain circuitry that will allow you to manage the distortion according to your requirements.
  • It has a dedicated distortion with the 3 band EQ and level controls that will allow you to control the sounds and make them stunning
  • Battery check is available and you will be provided with the blue status LED check.
  • The power supply of the product is 9V battery


The product is very simple to use and thus you will not have to get confused. Apart from that, it is not very costly and you can afford it. It comes with a 3-year warranty, which means that the product is durable, and will not be destroyed anytime soon.


The product has been so intelligently developed that not much faults were found in it. The only issues that you might have to face are the problems with the battery as it will drain soon and you will have to replace it quite often.

Buyers Guide

In the music world, distortion pedals frequently appear to be confusing, particularly to the individuals who are new to exploring different sounds regarding their music. With the right distortion pedal, it is conceivable to change a basic solo into a substantial metal masterpiece, control wild sounds, and play with a mix of pitches. Numerous pedal choices exist, and the kind of music, the potential for studio recording, and the specialized ability of the guitar player are essential to consider before selecting one. Whether a player needs a bass impacts pedal or one intended for lead guitarists, he or she ought to consider the following key components.

The distortion delivered

When the time comes to making grainy sounds, nothing beats a remarkable distortion pedal. In any case, not all pedals create similar results, and it is important to deliberately consider distortion. If you are one with the heavy sets make sure that the pedal you are about to buy will provide with the perfect distortion. A distortion pedal must create the perfect loud sound that you desire and not only that it should be capable of preamp and master the volumes.


A distortion pedal is expected to make sounds as sharp as possible, yet compressors start control. A compressor confines the scope of an information flag and constrains the varieties between the guitar’s loudest and gentlest sounds. To put it plainly, it permits the player to add somewhat more control to the set with an electric guitar distortion pedal. That implies compressors are not perfect for the individuals who need to impress people with loud sounds, however, they are perfect for the individuals that need to make the soft tones.

So it is important that you invest on the distortion pedal according to the sounds that you would like to create. The compressor will allow you to create a loud sound but at the same time, it will limit the distortion.

The perfect pitch

Distortion pedals with the Pitch effects are intriguing and help to create more fun sounds. They offer a lot of space for discovering new tones, which makes them ideal for the individuals who need to explore different avenues regarding their music. This sort of pedal takes the flag a guitarist produces, changes it to an alternate pitch, and plays both the changed and unique sounds back in the meantime. This produces practically ethereal sounds that are ideal for the individuals who adore modern metallic music.

An extraordinary electric guitar multi-distortion pedal that permits the player to tinker with pitch is perfect for an individual that is looking to create a special sound mixing the old and the new. There are different types of distortion pedals that consider pitch experimentation require a little information of musical values for a musician to deal with them perfectly. They are perfect for the beginners as well as it will allow them to learn the new ropes. So invest on the right distortion pedal keeping these points in mind.

Best Guitar Distortion

If you are a musician then you must be aware of the fact that it is important to have the perfect distortion in order to make the sound effects extraordinary. In order to make the tones louder and create the best guitar distortion you will have to turn the old valve amps up and it will allow the sound to break up. In order to check the waves all you can do is check the signals through the method of clipping. You will notice that is the original wave the sounds waves of the guitar will exceed the threshold. It will allow you to have a smooth sound. Keep in mind that the playback sounds cannot exceed the threshold and thus it allows the player to create several sound effects.

This is the reason that to create the perfect distortion is has been divided into different types including:

  • The overdriven transistors run at the top range of the amplification and it allows to create a distorted tone.
  • Hard diode clipping is the simplest way to create the distortion by using the diode shunts to the grounds.
  • Soft diode clipping uses the way in which the diodes are joined to the feedback path to create an overdriven sound.

Best Distortion pedal for Heavy Metal

For the heavy metal, sound distortion is very important. This is the reason that the musician of the young generation are often in search of the best distortion pedals to make sure that they will create the perfect sound in order to impress the audience. There might be many brands in the market to look forward to but the important fact is that the pedal must have the required features.

The best distortion pedals can be analog or digital but it should be ensured that which type of pedal the player would be comfortable with. The most important thing is that the pedal should provide with the super high gain because that is the first thing a guitarist will look for.

The weight of the pedal is also important, as it should be easy to carry. Apart from that, the latest technology introduced in the best distortion pedals is the 3 EQ band technology. With all the qualities and distortion pedal will be perfect if it does not create issues while playing live.


So now, you have all the information that you must know about the distortion band. The difficult thing is that the market is full of many pedals and choosing becomes hard. However, with the above-mentioned information, it is time for you to make the right choice. Keeping your budget under consideration compare many brands and selects the one that meets all your requirements perfectly. So take your distortion pedal with you are creating the perfect pitches and sounds that will impress the crowd and they will be forced to shout once more. So do not wait for the perfect opportunity as it is time to take one and make it perfect.